About us

Unique jewelry, especially for you, at an affordable price.
That is the mission of “At the weekends.”
Custom jewelry is a wonderful product that brings out the personality of the "person".
However, it tends to be expensive because it takes a lot of time and effort to make.
Therefore, “At the weekends” aims to pursue both "reasonable" and "reliable quality", which are difficult to achieve in general.
We want to bring the joy and excitement of custom-made jewelry to as many people as possible. We wish a "wonderful weekend" for many people with their loved ones.
Our goal is supported by our highly skilled craftsmen.
They breathe sparkling life into each piece of jewelry. We would like to introduce you to our workshop where our skilled craftsmen work, and the production process of our jewelry.

*Workshop Introduction*

“At the weekends” makes high quality name jewelry in the workshop in China with high processing skills. By reducing the costs of the manufacturing process and delivery system, we are able to offer our products at an affordable price.

Our name jewelry workshops are located in the cities of Hangzhou, Yiwu, and Guangzhou in China. Hangzhou and Yiwu are world-famous commercial cities located near Shanghai. As they are home to daily necessities and crafts from all over the world, they offer a wide range of craftsmanship and talent. Our main workshop is located in Hangzhou.

We offer products created one by one, carefully and with care in our workshop.


*Production Process*

1 Design

The spacing between letters and the way they are connected is important for the basic design of jewelry. If the letters are spaced out or extremely contracted, the overall balance will be lost. It is necessary to precisely adjust the balance.

2 Cuts

After designing, the jewelry is processed by laser cutting. Unlike conventional machine tools, the latest laser cutting machines are capable of cutting soft, thin, and curved surfaces. Digital cutting technology maintains the quality of the jewelry.

3 Polishing

Polishing is used to finish off the fine fluff and protrusions created by cuts. A variety of polishing agents and buffs are used for each type of metal, and the products are carefully polished by hand.

4 Coating

After polishing, we move on to color coating. The objective here is to apply the color evenly to the surface. This is the process where experience and skill are required.

5 Final finishing

We review all the processing that has been done so far. We re-check if there are any deviations in the design, if there is any waste in cutting, if there are any mistakes in polishing and if the coating has been done properly.

6 Attach metallic fittings

The final step is to attach the chain for the necklace, weld the fittings for the earrings, etc. Once these extensions are successfully attached, the jewelry is complete.

7 Packing

We pack the product using materials for overseas shipping following the prescribed steps.

8 Shipping


We take the utmost care in completing the various procedures by double checking and confirming the customer’s information. This way we ensure the smoothest possible delivery.