Terms and Conditions

At the weekends Affiliate Terms and Affiliate Guidelines

If you participate in the affiliate program, please be sure to read the At the weekends Affiliate Terms and At the weekends Affiliate Guidelines and follow the terms and guidelines.

At the weekends Affiliate Guidelines

Sites where affiliates are under 20

Sites with sexually explicit content, banners, ads (adults, adult goods, radical gravure, dating, chat lady, etc.)

Information product content ・ Sites that post links to transition to information product sites

Sites composed in languages ​​other than Japanese

Sites that contain expressions or depictions that give disgust to others or are offensive to public order and morals

Sites whose site names, URLs, contents, etc. imitate official sites, advertisers, and other sites

A site that impersonates the official site of a general company / service as your own site

Sites that require an ID or password to view content due to registration and membership systems

Sites that contain content that violates the law

Sites with links to transition to content sites that include the following content

Discriminatory content based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability

・ Slandering, intimidation, harassment, tort, or similar fraudulent content

Obscenity, pornography, intense sexual depictions or similar content


・ Sale, import or use of illegal substances

・ Terrorism, insecurity and other illegal content

-Downloading, selling, etc. MP3, MPEG and / or other items subject to intellectual property rights without the permission of the intellectual property right holder.

・ Infringement or violation of laws and regulations or intellectual property rights or other rights of other people or corporations

・ Contents that are harmful to minors regardless of the method

・ Impersonating a third party

• Conducting illegal raffle lottery, contests, lottery or lottery

・ Illegal business activities such as MLM, mouse lecture, or similar content

・ Other contents that we judge to be inappropriate as an affiliate according to social conventions

Precautions after participation

At the weekends There are some prohibitions as a rule to be observed even after joining an affiliate. In case of violation, we will take measures that we deem necessary, such as suspension of affiliate marketing and disapproval of results. Please note. The following is an example of prohibited items.

・ Ask another site to post your affiliate link

・ Modification of affiliate links

・ Process the acquired affiliate link and post / use it.

・ (Including actions such as processing text copy, correcting image size, downloading and using only images)

・ In paid search advertisements (Google Adwords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search, etc.), place advertisements using prohibited keywords, our company name, site name, brand name, product name, etc.

・ Use our company name, site name, brand name, etc. for domain name and site name

・ Attracting fraudulent clicks

・ Attracting illegal mass clicks

・ Manipulation of cookie information

・ Creating an At the weekends account via an affiliate link To artificially manipulate or call for manipulation of cookie information on the computer of the applicant.

・ Injustice / tort

・ Unauthorized registration via affiliate link, etc.

・ Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

At the weekends Terms

Article 1 (Definition)

Each term used in this agreement shall have the meaning specified in each of the following items.

1. "Advertisement" is our banner advertisement, text advertisement, email advertisement and all other types of advertisements posted on affiliate sites, etc. on this service, and the link destination is exposed by clicking. Say.

2. "Affiliate site, etc." means a web page, SNS or e-mail newsletter on the Internet managed and operated by the affiliate registered in this service.

3. "Affiliate Reward" means the monetary remuneration that an affiliate receives as compensation for the results of posting our advertisement on his / her affiliate site, etc.

4. "Achievement target" is a user's product purchase, document request application, banner advertisement click, or other act defined by the Company, which is recorded on the affiliate system among the candidates for the result. Say something.

5. “Result approval work” means the work for deciding the approval or denial of each result target.

6. “Achievements” means those that have been approved by the achievement approval work and the obligation to pay our affiliate fees has been confirmed.

7. "Management screen" means the web page provided by the Company to the affiliate in this service for the purpose of viewing the amount of affiliate fee generated and other data related to this service.

8. "Affiliate system" is a general term for servers, computer programs, software, etc. that make up this service.

Article 2 (registration)

1. Individuals over 20 years old can be registered as affiliates in this service.

2. The Company may refuse the registration of a person who falls under any of the following items.

-A person who belongs to or participates in so-called antisocial forces or antisocial activities, or belongs to an antisocial force or antisocial activity in the past, or Those who have a history of participating in antisocial activities.

・ Persons who have been forcibly withdrawn due to any of the reasons in Article 3, Paragraph 2 in the past.

・ Other persons who the Company deems inappropriate for registration.

3. The Company may refuse the registration of the person who applied for the registration of the affiliate site, etc. with the contents corresponding to any of the following items.

・ Those containing expressions or contents that are antisocial or offensive to public order and morals.

-Contains expressions and contents that may infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights.

・ Expressions and contents that may infringe on the honor, privacy rights, portrait rights and other rights of others.

・ If you are involved in a mouse lecture, MLM, network business, etc., and introduce the information.

・ Those that are intended only for use by specific persons such as family and friends.

・ Those that include expressions or contents that violate related laws and regulations.

・ Those that include pages that can only be viewed by specific people, such as those that require an ID number or password to view.

・ Contents prohibited by [At the weeknds Affiliate Guidelines].

・ Those that have a link to a web page that falls under any of items 1 to 8.

Others that the Company deems inappropriate for registration.

4. If the affiliate wishes to change the URL of the registered affiliate site, etc., he / she shall apply for the change according to the procedure prescribed by the Company.

5. The Company will determine whether or not the affiliate can be registered in accordance with this Article and other standards of the Company, and if the Company approves the registration, notify the affiliate who wishes to register to that effect. By such notification, registration as an affiliate is completed, and a contract for using this service in accordance with the provisions of this agreement shall be established.

Article 3 (withdrawal)

1. Affiliators can withdraw from this service at any time by following the procedures prescribed by the Company.

2. If an affiliator falls under any of the following items, the Company may immediately withdraw the affiliator without prior notice.

・ When it is found that the registration was made using information such as a fictitious or other person's name, address, telephone number, financial institution account, etc.

・ When it is found that the affiliate falls under Article 2, Paragraph 2 after registration.

・ When it is found that the contents of the affiliate site, etc. fall under any of the items of Article 2, Paragraph 3 after registration.

・ If you violate the prohibited items stipulated in Article 9, or if you violate this agreement.

Article 4 (Advertising)

Affiliates may place our advertisements anywhere on affiliate sites, etc., based on the registration set forth in Article 2.

Article 5 (Approval of results)

1. The amount of affiliate fee received by the affiliate in this service shall be determined based on the number of achievements approved by our achievement approval work among the achievement targets.

2. Affiliates may not object to the results of the results approval work performed by the Company.

Article 6 (Achievement reward)

1. The target and amount of affiliate rewards shall be determined by the Company and can be confirmed in the menu after logging in to At the weekends.

2. Affiliate fees will be paid by transfer to the registered Paypal or debit card.

3. Payment of affiliate fees shall be made by the method stipulated in Article 7.

Article 7 (Affiliate Remuneration and Payment)

We will determine the reward by a method separately determined by us and send it to the email address registered in her At the weekends account of the affiliate to pay.

The minimum remuneration required for payment is 1,000 yen.

Even if the reward does not arrive due to reasons such as the specified email address being incorrect, we will not be involved.

When an affiliate withdraws from this service, the right to receive unpaid affiliate rewards generated by the time of withdrawal shall be extinguished at the same time as withdrawal.

Article 8 (Prohibited matters)

1. Affiliators shall not perform any of the following acts.

-Modify the advertisement display program delivered by the Company or have it modified by a third party, or convert the HTML code for the advertisement display including the banner advertisement provided by the Company.

-Display the wording of the content that compels or pleads for the result target or the wording that misleads the user on your affiliate site, etc.

-To perform acts that cause inconvenience to a third party, such as posting on a bulletin board system on a third party's web page for the purpose of promoting one's affiliate site, etc.

・ Laws (Unfair Gifts and Unfair Labeling Prevention Law, Law Concerning Quality, Effectiveness and Safety of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, etc., Banking Law, Money Lending Business Law, Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, etc.) around our advertisements Refer to, but not limited to, display and act in violation of these.

・ Place advertisements on web pages other than affiliate sites registered in this service.

-Do not disclose, provide or leak all information about this service and our company obtained by using this service to a third party, and use it for purposes other than this service.

・ Show expressions that force, plead, or request clicks only to earn affiliate rewards for affiliates, explain that advertisements are adopting affiliate programs, describe affiliate rewards, etc. Performing actions that do not match the intention or purpose of this service.

・ Receiving a request from a third party and performing an act that is subject to payment of affiliate fees, such as ordering and registration on your behalf.

・ Acting fraudulently, such as by the affiliate himself or in collusion with a third party, pretending to be an act that is a condition for generating affiliate rewards, and other purposes of advertising and the purpose of this service. Do anything that is deemed to be an unfair attempt to earn affiliate rewards, such as a missed click, order, or registration.

2. The Company shall make a judgment as to whether or not there is a prohibited act, and it is not necessary to explain the content and grounds to the affiliate. In that case, the Affiliate shall not be able to make any objection.

Article 9 (Cheating)

The Company recognizes that the affiliates intentionally increase the number of achievement targets by using unreasonable means on this service (hereinafter referred to as "fraudulent acts") listed in each item below. If so, it is possible to issue a notice requesting the affiliate to stop the fraudulent activity, or to forcibly withdraw from the membership as stipulated in Article 3, Paragraph 2 depending on the degree.

1. Acts that improperly induce clicks on ads

2. The act of continuously and mass-clicking an advertisement for which a click reward (meaning the reward generated by clicking an advertisement) is set.

3. The act of making a fictitious application through the affiliate's own advertising link

4. The act of applying on behalf of a third party through the affiliate's own advertising link

Article 10 (Use of this service by a third party)

If a third party uses this service using the registered information of the affiliate, we will consider this as the use of this service of the affiliate, and if the affiliate suffers damage due to this, we will not be liable for any damages. I shall not bear it.

Article 11 (Suspension / Cancellation of this service)

1. The Company may suspend part or all of this service for maintenance, inspection and other purposes of the affiliate system by notifying the affiliate in advance.

2. The Company may immediately suspend this service without notifying the affiliate in advance in the event of a sudden failure in the affiliate system.

3. The Company may discontinue this service without notifying the affiliate in advance if there is a significant change in its own business.

4. In the case of the preceding three paragraphs, the Company shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the affiliate due to the suspension or suspension of this service regardless of the reason.

Article 12 (Personal information)

We will handle the registered information and personal information of affiliates based on our privacy policy.

Article 13 (Disclaimer)

We do not guarantee that affiliates will receive a certain amount of compensation. This service is provided as is, and we do not guarantee the service, including its suitability for a specific purpose, commercial usefulness, completeness, continuity, etc.

Even if we obtain any information about this service, our website, other affiliates of this service or other matters directly or indirectly from us, we will tell the affiliates what is stipulated in this agreement. We do not guarantee anything beyond that.

The Affiliate shall investigate whether the use of this service violates the laws and regulations applicable to the Affiliate, the internal rules of industry groups, etc. based on its own responsibility and expense, and the Company shall investigate the book by the Affiliate. We do not guarantee that the use of the service will comply with the laws and regulations applicable to affiliates, the internal rules of industry groups, etc.

Transactions, communications, disputes, etc. that occur between an affiliate and another affiliate or other third party in connection with this service or our website shall be handled and resolved at the responsibility of the affiliate. We are not responsible for such matters.

We will not be liable for any damages suffered by affiliates in connection with this service. Even if the Company is liable for damages to the affiliate due to the application of the Consumer Contract Law or other reasons, the liability of the Company is limited to 300,000 yen.

Article 14 (Compensation for damages)

If the affiliate causes damages to the Company in connection with this service, or if the Company claims damages from a third party, the amount of the damages (direct damages and ordinary damages as well as lost profits, Including any loss of business opportunity, loss of data, interruption of business, or any other indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages) shall be paid to us in full.

Article 15 (Change of registration details)

Affiliators must promptly notify the Company of the changed contents when the registered contents of this service are changed.

The Company shall not be liable for any delay in payment of affiliate fees or other disadvantages caused by the affiliate's failure to change the registration details set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Article 16 (Notice)

Notifications from us to affiliates shall be deemed to have arrived at the affiliate when we should normally reach them when we send an email to the email address registered by the affiliate.

Article 17 (Assignment of rights and obligations)

1. Affiliates shall not transfer, set collateral, or otherwise dispose of the contractual status of this agreement and the rights and obligations arising under this agreement to a third party.

2. When the Company transfers the business of this service to a third party (including the case where the business is substantially transferred such as a company split), by notifying the affiliate in advance, the contract of this agreement You may assign, set collateral or otherwise dispose of your status or rights or obligations arising under this Agreement to a third party.

Article 18 (Revision of Terms)

1. The Company may change the contents of this agreement at any time without the prior consent of the affiliate. In this case, we will promptly announce the changed Terms on our web page.

2. The revised Terms shall be effective from the time when the Company announces the changes to the Terms on the Company's web page.

3. If the affiliate does not agree with the changed contents of this agreement, he / she can withdraw from this service by following the procedures prescribed by the Company.

Article 19 Confidentiality

1. In this agreement, "confidential information" means our technology, which the affiliate has provided or disclosed in writing, orally or on a recording medium, etc., or has learned from us in connection with this agreement or this service. Means all information about sales, operations, finance, organization and other matters. However, (1) what was or was already known to the general public when provided or disclosed by the Company or when it was known, (2) provided or disclosed or known by the Company. Later, those that became publicly known through publications or other reasons for reasons not attributable to one's own responsibility, (3) those that were legally obtained without being obliged to maintain confidentiality by a third party who has the authority to provide or disclose, (4) ) Those developed independently without using confidential information, and those confirmed by the Company in writing that confidentiality is not required shall be excluded from confidential information.

2. The affiliator shall use the confidential information only for the purpose of using this service, and shall not provide, disclose or leak the confidential information of the Company to a third party without the written consent of the Company.

3. Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 2, Affiliates may disclose Confidential Information pursuant to the order, request or request of law, court or government agency. However, if there is such an order, request or request, we shall promptly notify the Company.

4. Whenever requested by the Company, the Affiliate will return or destroy the Confidential Information and any documents or other recording media containing or containing the Confidential Information and all copies thereof, without delay, in accordance with the instructions of the Company. It shall be.

Article 20 (validity and term)

This agreement is effective from the time when the affiliate completes the membership registration of this service to the time when the affiliate withdraws, and binds the Company and the affiliate. However, Article 5, Paragraph 2, Articles 8 to 11, Paragraph 4, Article 13, Article 14, Article 15, Paragraph 2, Article 17, Article 19 to Article 21 are the Terms of Use. It survives even after the expiration date of.

Article 21 (Governing law and consensus jurisdiction)

This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law, and if a dispute arises between the Company and an affiliate in connection with this agreement, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court of the first instance. that's all